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Use your short list to compare features and total cost of ownership (TCO). Tick the vehicles you wish to compare and click the black compare button. You can compare up to 4 vehicles at a time.

To compare vehicles, they must be available on your shortlist. To do this, please use the vehicle search page to find vehicles you are interested in. Click the blue bars to display or hide Features and Total Cost of Ownership details. To calculate an accurate TCO we need to know your anticipated contract length and annual mileage.

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BIK (%)
Annual BIK @ 20%
Annual BIK @ 40%
P11D Value
Awating Image
Awating Image
Awating Image
Awating Image
CO2 (g/km)
Combined MPG
Fuel Type
Sat Nav
Rear Parking Sensors
Cruise Control
Total Cost of Ownership
Fuel Costs
Residual Value
Service & Maintenance
Whole Life Cost
Price per Mile
VED 1st Yr
VED Sub Yr
NI Class 1A Yr 1 Rate (%)
NI Class 1A Yr 1 Cost
NI Class 1A Yr 2 Rate (%)
NI Class 1A Yr 2 Cost
NI Class 1A Yr 3 Rate (%)
NI Class 1A Yr 3 Cost
NI Class 1A Yr 4 Rate (%)
NI Class 1A Yr 4 Cost
NI Class 1A Yr 5 Rate (%)
NI Class 1A Yr 5 Cost
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